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Baobab Collection Sacred Trees - Kani Candle (Max 10)

  • Sacred Trees – Kani

    Notes : Vetiver, Galbanum, Leather


    The fragrances in the Sacred Trees collection had to have an olfactory identity in line with the woody fragrance families. We were also keen to source raw materials from Africa. The scent of the Kani candle exudes the woody notes of vetiver, the major accord of this fragrance. Galbanum flower adds roundness to the composition, giving way to leathery base notes.


    The glass of the Kani scented candle features large baobab trees in shades of khaki green and beige. The design was created by a Uniwax designer in the great tradition of African drawings. Vetiver wood is celebrated for a radically woody fragrance, reinforced by notes of galbanum and leather that unfold as the candle burns..



    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

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