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Baobab Collection Cities - Athens Candle (Max 10 - Maxi Max)

  • Cities - Athens

    Notes : Lemon, Lavender, Cedarwood


    The Athens scented candle bears a screen-printed glass with subtle colours and gold. The glass’ design reinterprets the Parthenon through a multitude of details where friezes are reproduced with studied finesse. Its scent of lavender, cedar wood and lemon will take you to the heights of Athens, surrounded by the history of Ancient Greece.


    Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and was founded by the union of several villages in 800 BC. Greek mythology tells us that the hero Theseus, who defeated the Minotaur, was the origin of Athens. The city extends around the Acropolis hill, and experienced its Golden Age in the 5th century BC under the rule of Pericles. It is in this cradle of democracy that a cultured society flourished, with ancient philosophers such as Socrates and Aristotle, surrounded by an extraordinary architecture admired to this day. Monuments such as the Parthenon, the Agora and the Panathenaic Stadium can be visited today and bear witness to this city's unprecedented refinement and sophistication.



    In order to pay tribute to this mythical city, we have chosen the Parthenon as the inspiration for our glass decoration. The Parthenon located on the acropolis of Athens was built entirely out of marble in order to house the statue of the goddess Athena Parthenos, protector of the city and goddess of war and wisdom. This ancient architecture inspired neo-classical architects to create imposing monuments that house political and cultural institutions.


    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

    Max 16 - 150 hrs

    Max 24 - 400 hrs

    Maxi Max - 800 hrs