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Baobab Collection Borgia Cesar Maxi Max Candle (U.P : $1280)

  • Borgia - Cesar

    Notes : Incense,Cedar,Amber


    The Cesar scented candle is poured in a grey hand-blown glass engraved by our craftsmen with a pattern of crosses and graphic fl owers. This pattern is reminiscent of Renaissance embroidery or wall frescoes. Its fragrance of incense, cedar and amber will immediately take you to the enigma tic and seductive universe of this historical figure

    The Borgia family has origins in Valencia and Catalonia, where it bore the name «de Borja», a name that Rodrigo Borgia decided to Italianize during his meteoric rise to ecclesiastical power. For the Borgias, the church is a means to an end. Rodrigo di Borja becomes chancellor of the Roman Church by his uncle Calixte III, before becoming pope himself. He will have four children born of his love for a beautiful Roman aristocrat, Vanozza Cattanei: Jean, Cesar, Lucrezia and Geoffroi. History remembers Lucrezia, for her erudition and her incredible beauty, and Cesar, whose political mastery will inspire Machiavelli in his text The Prince. Under the reign of this family, Italy experienced an unprecedented artistic boom where the works of the great Italian masters and the discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci brought a country formerly divided into principalities to the rank of nation.

    CESAR (Cesar Borgia, 1475 - 1507)

    Cesar Borgia, born in 1475 in Rome, grew up in the splendor of Renaissance palaces at his father side Rodrigo. He quickly abandons his ecclesiastical duties, as he concentrates on the art of war with his military engineer, Leonard da Vinci. He will reinforce the pontifi cal power to imagine Italy as a united entity...

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