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Baobab Collection Bohomania Candle - Django (U.P : $190 - $1000)

  • Bohomania - Django

    Notes : Amber, Cinnamon, Cashmere Wood


    The Django scented candle is made in sublimated glass with a refined red and black pattern. The decorated glass let the flame shine through, thus allowing the magic of the object to bloom. Very decorative, this candle is a true fashion accessory for your interiors. Its scent of cinnamon and cashmere wood will be perfect for warm and festive winter evenings.


    In a mix of red and black, the pattern of the Django candle subtly references Ikat printed fabrics from Indonesia. The magic of origami is at work once again. The folded washi paper is first delicately dipped in natural pigments, and then unfolded before our eyes as it reveals a pattern full of graphic wonder. The paper is then photographed in high definition; the image is printed on a biodegradable film that will fit on the glass in a method of sublimation perfectly mastered by Italian craftsmen. The shiny glass covered with the pattern thus reveals the paper’s texture with a sense of depth, similar to parchment.


    Burn Time :

    Max 10 - 60 hrs

    Max 16 - 150 hrs

    Max 24 - 400 hrs