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Agarwood oil, known also as Oud Oil, is one of the rarest, most coveted and most expensive known essential oils in the market.


Known as the "Five thousand dollars per pound scent", the first grade oil can even cost up to $100,000 per kilogram. As one of the most sought after fragrances in the middle east, Oud has been growing in popularity all across the world.

Containing woody and balsamic notes, it gives off an intense and musky scent. It has an impressive aromatic and is a complex scent.

This essential oil is extracted from the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the agar tree, which is primarily found in the dense forests of Southeast Asia, India and Bangladesh.

This week, Flaming Queen presents the following diffusers and candles with notes of Oud. Enjoy!


Fillerina is a hyaluronic acid based gel and cream treatment that is formulated to plump the skin from the inside out. Fillerina’s Patented mix of 12 hyaluronic acid with varying molecular weights ensures effective penetration to get to the lower layers of the skin where it goes to work, filling up fine wrinkle lines, and sagging areas of the face, cheekbones and lips...

In combination with collagen of 3 different molecular weights and other active ingredients, Fillerina works to firm up and improve the skin condition and biological function...

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