Lalique’s unique proficiency covers various fields from crystal-making to jewellery and perfume. With its line of scented candles called, Lalique combines the arts of perfume and decoration and portrays an olfactory trip through perfumery’s most beautiful ingredients and the world’s dream destinations.

For its candle line, Lalique has drawn its inspiration from the Swallow, its emblem. The swallow is a migrator travelling the world to find the best places to be; the perfumer travels the world to find the most beautiful fragrant raw materials. The candle range allows olfactory exoticism to enter homes with elegant and modern luxury.

For more than 100 years, Lalique’s manufacture located in Alsace is renowned for its glassmaking and artistic gesture. Their style outlines a recognizable modelling of shapes and patterns formed through crystal with richness of figurative details. This is a well-known characteristic of Lalique’s merchandise – an identity built by softness, femininity and nature of strong Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspirations.