Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. The collections are inspired by faraway space and wild nature but it is in Belgium that the new creations are imagined and created. A small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimalist chic.

The Belgian brand finds an unstoppable source of inspiration trough travel and discovery. Each candle tells a new story: the name, the perfume and the materials used are closely linked. The full magnitude of its African heritage is represented in the “All Seasons” line that is made up of ten exclusive colors and fragrances. The latest creations, each as prestigious and refined as the previous, transport you to new destinations. Fragrant journeys that reincarnate Chinese landscapes, Russian steppes or Egyptian pyramids…

With Baobab Collection the candle becomes an object of decoration. Like the baobab tree in the African savannah, the candle impresses and stands out from the ordinary. A common product that becomes extraordinary. This is probably what defines luxury.

Baobab Collection includes a wide choice of decorative candles presented in transparent glass vases or in stainless steel holders. Among the five different sizes in the collection, the majestic "Maxi Max" adds a complete new dimension to traditional interior candles. This unique model will light up and perfume your evenings for almost one thousand hours without leaving any traces of wax on the glass. An exceptional quality that is not possible without the meticulous work of true craftsmen.

The Belgian brand is committed to certain values including high-quality craftsmanship and respect for the environment. All the candles are poured by hand into vases that are blown by craftsmen glassworkers making each item unique. A beautiful black ribbon is applied to this surface adding a minimalist and pure touch of elegance. The labels also fall under our company’s philosophy, each one is applied by hand.

The raw materials are selected for their superior quality and ecological attributes. The fragrances are elaborated by a renowned perfumer in Grasse; the temple of perfumery. The mineral, non-oily wax and the wicks made of fine Egyptian cotton, will ensure longevity. Finally, the iconic black box made by a Belgian craftsman exudes elegance.

This exceptional finishing will not escape the attention of interior designers and amateurs of subtle fragrances. Baobab Collection is a pioneer in its sector and is exported today over five continents. With a flagship store in Brussels, corners in prestigious department stores and about five hundred exclusive sales points to ensure this global distribution. This year, yet again, several hundreds of thousands of Baobab Collection candles and diffusers will distil their fragrances in your interiors.